Canon imagePROGRAF TX 3000

The Canon imagePROGRAF TX 3000 is a wide format printer that prints CAD drawings, GIS files, and posters to 36” with accuracy and speed. This compact, user friendly economic printer boosts productivity for mid-sized architectural, mapping, engineering and construction firms.

Your mid-sized architectural, mapping, engineering or construction firm demands a wide format printer that consistently delivers professional quality print economically, in high volume and with minimal fuss. With a user friendly touch screen control, and packed with features to automate accuracy, true colour and continuous print, this economical printer maximises output and minimises waste.

The Canon imagePROGRAF TX 3000 is an economical wide format printer and scanner positioned in the mid to high-end segment of the Canon family of single-function printers, generating wide format posters, CAD, and GIS files with exceptional detail and true colour. This large format printer is compact and ergonomically designed to be used in the tightest office spaces.


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Your printer that’s totally focussed on detail
When crisp graphics, fine detail and true colour are important to business, Canon’s imagePROGRAF TX-3000 presents the ideal solution. Printing CAD drawings, GIS and posters to 36” with accuracy and speed, this large format printer delivers on excellence. Dual rollers, flexible media options and smart management tools improve uptime for productivity.

Now you can get on with business
Load two rolls of media then get back to business while your smart printer makes the decisions about the best media to use for each job in the queue.

Cost effective and versatile
Using economical ink, your TX 3000 produces fine lines , sharp text and crisp clear prints on uncoated or coated stock that are ready to take with you on site.

Achieve more, live an easier life
Customise your TX 3000 to suit your office workflow then step back and watch it get to work, producing CAD, GIS and posters with ease . Thanks to Canon’s innovative print head, sequence optimisation and continuous printing mode, the results will always be impressively accurate.

Compact, robust and ready for work
Your compact printer easily fits into a small space and takes its orders via an intuitive touchscreen. With dual roll feeding it just won’t stop.

Secure, reliable and always friendly
The TX-3000 never misses a beat, with class-leading uptime, user friendly controls and impressive security for data transmission, storage and erasure.

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